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Jimmy's Wedding Photography Style

We photograph weddings in a portrait photojournalism style. "Photojournalism" means that we are unobtrusive for most of your wedding day, taking photos without interfering with the natural progression of the wedding. "Portrait" means that, for the bride and groom that requests formals, we find the ideal location to pose you naturally and stylishly within your comfort zone. Our relaxed candid-styled photos are a result of observation, anticipation, and then finally shooting at the right moment. Our goal is to tell the story of your wedding day by capturing subtle details as well as important events in the most artistic way possible.

Every retouched photo you receive is individually processed by Jimmy personally. He edits so that each photo matches his signature style and it looks the way he envisioned it. He will ensure that every retouched photo passes his standards for quality and artistry.

We realize how significant your wedding photographs are to you. That's why we have developed a dependable workflow to ensure that your wedding memories are secure. We have a camera system that includes back-ups for everything, including cameras, lenses, flashes, memory cards, batteries, and more. We also store your original digital negatives in separate secure locations to ensure recovery in worst-case scenarios. You can be sure that your precious wedding memories are safe with Jimmy Cheng Photography.

We are based in Orange County and available in Los Angeles and worldwide. We accomodate upscale weddings as well as small intimate affairs. We only ask that you are deeply passionate about having the best photos for your special event.

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