Feb 12, 2008

Annalisa and Will in Yorba Linda

Luckily for us, the rain stopped just in time for our shoot with Annalisa and Will. I love the overcast look after it rains, so I'm glad they were ready to go with or without the rain. We started off at the Nixon Library, had the majority of our shoot at Tri-City park, and then ended at the Bradford House.

In front of the fountain at the Richard Nixon Library.

When I saw this tree and bench, I knew that this was gonna be a cool shot to put up on the wall.

A little aside... we saw this duck beating up on another duck while their friends watched. It was quite violent, but he stopped after a while and they just went about their business, so I guess all is good in the animal kingdom again.

I love when the sun provides lighting on the hair. The glow is beautiful.

On the bridge.

Will chasing Annalisa across the bridge.

A sweet moment at the Bradford House.

What a totally adorable couple! I can't wait for the wedding come March.

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Jun 21, 2007

Jessica Erstad's Charity Golf Event

I was asked to shoot The 4th Annual Jessica Erstad "Not So Serious" Women's Golf Outing benefiting the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center at the Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda. The theme was "Christmas in June" complete with a Santa greeting guests. Jessica and the CAPC did such a great job with the event in raising money for the center. I am a big fan of these events because it is for a good cause.

The event was held at the Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda.

Santa was great at getting the guests prepped for photos.

18 holes of silly games. This one required you to put in a bell on the green.

I'm glad that there are people out there like Jessica trying to make a difference.

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