Jan 29, 2008

Jimmy Cheng Albums

For those of you interested in an album (11x14, 15 pages with 30 sides), our Classic Package and up gives you a choice between two types. We design the album to tell the story of your wedding day and once you OK the layout, we send it off to be published. There are some good album makers out there, but we can definitely vouch for our publisher as one of the best in the industry!

This album has been really popular in our meetings with clients. It's a more modern-styled album that's seamless with printing on the front and back cover.

Looks great on your coffee table.

The back cover.

The quality binding up close.

On the right, you see a more traditional-style 11x14 album with your choice of either a leather (your choice of colors) or a brushed-aluminum cover. In our Premier package and up, you receive two of the 5x7 parent albums displayed on the left, which is a mini replica of the large album.

The binding of the main and parent albums.

My philosophy is to always provide my clients with the very best, and these albums are no exception. We take great care in every step of the process: Shooting the photos, retouching, designing, communication, publishing, and finally the delivery.

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May 31, 2007

Wedding Package Explained - The Prints

I wanted to give you an idea of what my wedding package looks like. This will be the first part of a multi-part series where I explain the items that are in the packages.

These are the items that are included in an album package. I will discuss the album next time, but it's the big one on the bottom. The middle-sized box contains one parent album.

In this photo, there is 100 4x6" prints in the box. It can hold up to 200.

Each photo is retouched, resized, and optimized for print. My workstations are color-calibrated with my lab so I can ensure color accuracy when I submit my images for production. I just love seeing the output of my work in these matte prints.

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