Apr 28, 2007

Using Music On Your Site

WedPix has an article this month regarding "Using Music On Your Site." It talks about how some photographers violate copyright laws when they use songs on their website and slideshows.

"Some think that if a client buys a CD or pays for an iTunes download, then the photographer has the right to use the song in a publicly viewable slideshow of that couple. Others believe that using less than 20 or 30 seconds of a music clip is permissible. None of this is correct."

That's why I use songs that I've purchased specifically to use commercially on my slideshows. I really like to add music for wedding slideshows because it helps set the mood for romance. My wife and I choose the music that fits the style of shots I take, which are generally classy and romantic. It costs a quite a bit of money to get quality music that you can use commercially, but I want my clients to know that when they choose me, they are getting high quality products.

Link to the article