Feb 24, 2008

Glissel and Fernando in Santa Ana

Every couple that I photograph has a special chemistry between them, and it's always fun to try to capture it on camera. Spending the day with them, I found out that Fernando is a total gentleman with Glissel, and she is such a sweetheart to him. Glissel may seem quiet and shy, but you can see her open up with big smiles when she is with him. Before the ceremony, I got to spend a good amount of time with them for portraits. It was great to see how they compliment each other so well. I picked out just a few of my favorites from their wedding day.

You can tell how much he adores her just by the way he looks at her.

It's hard to tell here, but it was really windy and a challenge just to keep the veil from flying all over the place. The grass here is not photoshopped, it was really that green!

This is my favorite shot of the day. The rain was on and off the whole day, but it somehow always manages to stop just for my shoots.

The Santa Ana Train Depot was relatively empty so we sneaked in a few shots before the rain started again.

I love train tracks shots. Here, I love the dark yellow color and how she's holding up her dress.

The ring exchange. They were pretty nervous before the wedding, so I know that they released a lot of that energy at this moment.

Glissel's brother performed the song "You and Me" at this moment, so she became a little emotional and shed a few happy tears.

The guests blew bubbles as the bride and groom come out of the chapel.

At the reception site, we found this wall decor to place the rings on.

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Dec 4, 2007

Robin's Family in Floral Park

One good thing about shooting weddings is that people who attended may eventually see your work and invite you to photograph them. After seeing her son Kevin's wedding photos, Robin liked them so much she invited me to do a family portrait session at her beautiful home in Floral Park.

I thought that this time, in addition to the regular shots, it would be a good idea to show some outtakes you wouldn't normally see .

We'll start off with the cute babies.

One happy and one not-so-happy baby.

Here's one of the outtakes with Sam giving Cash a finger in the mouth.

Sometimes, babies are just not going to smile for the camera. Cash just wasn't having it that day, yet these are my two favorites from the shoot. He has such expressive eyes!

Look at the emotion on his face. I'd give him an Academy award for this performance.

A little upside-down action with Sam.

The boys.

Here's another one of those outtakes that don't normally show up. One of the girls just couldn't stop laughing. I love cute moments like these when they're just goofing around.

Dana and Kevin, the couple whose wedding we shot in Carmel.

Thanks to Robin for inviting us to do this shoot.


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