Apr 30, 2008

Grace and Angel at Rancho Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano, California.

Grace and Angel were married at Rancho Capistrano in Orange County. The venue is set outdoors with beautiful greenery and a mountain backdrop ideal for photos. I wasn't surprised by this since I could tell that photography was important to Grace and Angel when I first met them. The wedding party was a fun group of people, the live band was fantastic, and the day was great. Here's a preview of the photos...

We were walking up this hill and it was difficult for Grace in her heels. I thought it was cute how Angel was helping her by holding the dress up this way.

My favorite shot of the evening, on the red bridge above the pond.

The plaza where the reception was held was adorned with red flowers and served as a gorgeous backdrop.

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Jan 2, 2008

Michelle and Tom in Downtown San Juan Capistrano

We met up with Michelle and Tom in downtown San Juan Capistrano by the Train Depot for their engagement shoot. We're excited to shoot their wedding next month in Laguna Beach at Pacific Edge. Michelle and Tom were a fun couple to work with. They were very easy going and they had no problems being themselves and being silly with each other. There were many sweet moments. Here are a few that caught my eye.

This was an antique train on display by the main office at the Train Depot.

I love the red color of the train.

Luckily, the train was late so we sneaked in a few shots on the tracks.

Here's a sweet moment as we walked around the downtown area.

This is one of my favorites. The colorful leaves added a nice touch to the shot.

The weather was a little chilly but beautiful. I wanted to capture this shot with the sun glaring behind them.

Here's Michelle and Tom sitting in front of The Ramos House Cafe. This is their favorite spot to visit whenever they're in the area.

I love the way he holds her hand here, and the background is so smooth!

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