Jun 20, 2008

Frederique's Family Portraits

You know you must be a loved teacher if your class gets together and buys you a portrait session. Frederique and her family is moving back to France after being here three years, and the class that she teaches thanked her with a family portrait session with us. They were so much fun to work with, especially the little ones. I hope that one day these photos will bring back fond memories of their time here in Orange County.

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May 16, 2008

Maria's Maternity Portraits in Laguna Beach

Being the photographer's assistant, I usually just show up and help out wherever I can and get some shots of my own in. When Maria asked us to shoot her maternity photos, I asked Jimmy if I could do this one. See, I work with Maria and she's also a good friend. Her son, Joseph, is completely in love with me (sorry, Jimmy), so I really wanted to shoot this one for her. Of course, Jimmy couldn't just stand there and be my assistant for a day. The last couple of shots were taken by him.

Maria is the most gorgeous pregnant woman I've ever met and her son is just so flipping cute! We had told Joseph to talk to the baby, so that's what he was doing in the picture on the right.

For someone who's 8 months pregnant, that belly looks mighty small!

Like any little boy, Joseph couldn't resist playing in the water. This was his attempt in outrunning the water as it came up the shore. Mission failed.

Thanks, Maria and Joseph, for letting me take these shots. I had tons of fun and can't wait till baby Isabel comes.


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May 13, 2008

Kim's Maternity Portraits

Taking a one week hiatus from weddings, I was able to squeeze in two maternity shoots just in time for Mother's Day.

Kim is expecting any minute now so this was our last chance to get a shoot in before the baby comes. Schoolteacher and wife of my friend David, Kim comes off adorably in pictures. I can't wait to get the text with the good news!

No, the baby's name is not going to be Ted. She's actually going to be a girl, but since David starting calling the baby Ted for no reason, it just kind of stuck.

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Apr 9, 2008

70th Birthday Portraits in Seal Beach

Kerry and Jason wanted to surprise Jason's grandpa with a family portrait session for his 70th birthday party in Seal Beach. We counted almost 30 people for this shoot, my largest portrait group ever! Everyone was so nice and having fun with it, so it was a blast. Here are just some of the shots from last weekend.

Underneath the pier.

The birthday boy!

They are such a fun group.

We took Kerry and Jason aside for a quick romantic shoot.

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Feb 13, 2008

Alicia's Headshots

Alicia is an aspiring actress and she wanted to get a few headshots done. I've never had a shoot where every shot was good. There were literally no outtakes. That's one way of telling whether a person is good in front of the camera.

Oh, did I mention that she is gorgeous?

These aren't part of her headshots, but I wanted to just get a few of her in a casual state.

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Jan 28, 2008

Brian's Family in Downtown Fullerton

You know a shoot will be fun when it's raining and the family still wants to go for it. I'm so glad we did because it was a blast following them around Downtown Fullerton. The boys were so full of energy and luckily for me, their mom just let the boys be boys and reminded herself to just let go for this session.

While waiting for dad, the boys partook in some rain tasting.

I found out real quick that the best shots of Ezra were candids.

This was supposed to be a "band" shot, but this outtake looks more fun.

A few adorable family shots.

Ezra and Noah made sure to stomp on every puddle. The expressions are too funny!

There are so many places to go in Downtown Fullerton, so we simply walked from one place to the next.

The boys were throwing objects into the water to splash each other. This is why I shoot candids, because genuine moments like these are best captured while it's happening and not posed.

I really liked the color of this wall and the lines at the top. What a sweet design.

I didn't tell Brian why I posed them right at this spot, but I wanted to get the name of the restaurant in the background while he held Ezra like this: It reads "Heroes."

The boys are at an age where kissing is yucky, but Noah was kind enough to kiss mom for the sake of art.

This is just too adorable.

Brian and Kristy in front of their favorite restaurant.

The boys look out from the inside while Mom watches. Where's the photographer?!

Cute shot of the boys. This is a rare, still moment.

A family of actors. You can't tell, but they were only pretending that a train was coming.

A kiss.

Too many cool walls, not enough blog space to post them. This is just one of many.

Watching as the train goes by.

As I've said, there are so many great shots but I just can't post them all here. That's what happens when you follow around a family as cute and fun as Brian's.

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Jan 16, 2008

Nicole's Maternity Portrait

I paid a visit to Nicole's place in Rancho Santa Margartia to get some indoor portraits. I usually shoot with natural lighting but in this case I was able to play with the flash to get some creative shots.

I have to go photograph baby Ethan soon!

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Dec 4, 2007

Robin's Family in Floral Park

One good thing about shooting weddings is that people who attended may eventually see your work and invite you to photograph them. After seeing her son Kevin's wedding photos, Robin liked them so much she invited me to do a family portrait session at her beautiful home in Floral Park.

I thought that this time, in addition to the regular shots, it would be a good idea to show some outtakes you wouldn't normally see .

We'll start off with the cute babies.

One happy and one not-so-happy baby.

Here's one of the outtakes with Sam giving Cash a finger in the mouth.

Sometimes, babies are just not going to smile for the camera. Cash just wasn't having it that day, yet these are my two favorites from the shoot. He has such expressive eyes!

Look at the emotion on his face. I'd give him an Academy award for this performance.

A little upside-down action with Sam.

The boys.

Here's another one of those outtakes that don't normally show up. One of the girls just couldn't stop laughing. I love cute moments like these when they're just goofing around.

Dana and Kevin, the couple whose wedding we shot in Carmel.

Thanks to Robin for inviting us to do this shoot.


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Nov 12, 2007

Tina's Family in Irvine

With Tina and Steve's kids involved in many sports activities on the weekends, we really only had one date to try to do the shoot even though we scheduled it way in advance. As luck would have it, the weather in Irvine was perfect and their kids were great for this family portrait session.

Our goal was to capture everyone in a more natural fashion rather than just the traditional formal posed portraits. We tried to blend the two styles so we can be sure to capture their natural, individual expressions while also getting the group shots suitable for large prints and possible inclusion in Steve's professional website.

You can tell right from the start that Lily was a lively and energetic girl. The camera is definitely drawn to her smile.

We need to get some tips from Tina and Steve on how to raise kids, because the boys were all so polite and easy to work with.

Handsome kids.

A cute father and son moment.

Tina did such a great job with the wardrobe. She and Lily matched quite well.

Lily often wandered off and found her own activities.

I love these candid smiling moments.

Just the guys.

This is one of my favorites from the shoot. I told them all to get their faces close together and Lily comes over and plants a kiss on her brother's cheek. This is right afterwards when she looks up with her big adorable eyes.

Tina was looking for someone who would capture her family in a new way, in a more natural and relaxed outdoor atmosphere. I'm so glad she chose me to do the shoot because it was a lot of fun and I really love how the images turned out.

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Oct 30, 2007

Baby Kate in Laguna Beach

We've been trying to schedule Baby Kate and family for a while now, and we're so glad we finally got a chance to shoot in Laguna Beach. We had a gorgeous location at a friend's house, a beautiful family in Kate and her parents, and the perfect lighting at sunset. Kate was such a cute and happy baby. She seemed to love the camera and vice versa.

Mom and dad, Jessica and Jason, playing with Kate.

As you can see, Kate and her mom share this in common: sticking their tongue out.

This is my favorite shot. I could not stop smiling while I was retouching this photo because it's just so darn cute!

Kate was so easily amused. Something as simple as a piece of grass was enough to make her happy.

I love how her cute little toes curl.

She was posing for my wife here. What a darling!

Just look at that face.

Here's an action sequence, with the kiss first...

... then the lift!

Spanning three generations.

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Sep 25, 2007

Sally-Ann's Family in Laguna Beach

Since I specialize in wedding photography, I usually don't have a chance to work on other types of shoots. I'm so glad, however, that Sally-Ann and I were able to find a date to shoot her cute family in Laguna Beach. When she told me that they were a French-Australian family and were only here in Southern California for three years so they wanted photographs as a souvenir, I was excited to make this shoot memorable and the photos something they can be really happy to look at when they are no longer in the US.

As I looked over these photos, I realized that my parents didn't have the opportunity to have pictures done like these for us when we were little. I thought to myself, how fun it would be for the kids to see this 20 years down the road when they are all grown up. Even though I may not have memories like this, it's every bit as satisfying for me to provide these images to an adorable family like Sally-Ann's.

Sally-Ann and her adorable daughter.

Brother and sister.

A smiling Luca.

Father and son.

Connected family.

We found that Luca would smile biggest when he got to run as fast as he could.

Having a little fun with Luca.

Daddy's little girl.

Something about the ocean just makes people want to jump.

Close-up of the adorable Sophie.

I love how there are footstep lines that go down to him and extend with his shadow, footsteps behind him, and unchartered territory ahead.

Looking out into the ocean.

This is my favorite shot with the sunlight falling on their golden hair.

Sally-Ann gives Sophie a big push.

Another one of my favorites.

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Jul 11, 2007

Karen's Family in Laguna Beach

Karen's family were in town and because it's a rare event, she wanted to get some photographs of everyone together. We met in Laguna Beach and had fun playing on the sand and in the water. They are a really pleasant group of people and I'm a sucker for cute babies, so it was a great time.

This is right before they did my signature jumping shot (Karen is a friend of the bride in my popular jumping shot).

I love photographing happy people. This pose was Karen's idea.

She was having so much fun running around in the water.

This picture is giving my wife the baby bug.

Mother and daughter.

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Apr 7, 2007

Baby Andrew Portraits

Wendy invited me to over to photograph her adorable little baby Andrew. Seeing Andrew makes my wife and I really want to start our family soon!

They decorated his room with his name. Too cute.

Andrew's grandma could make him laugh at will.

He's probably bored of this photographer already.

Andrew isn't able to walk yet, so he's held gently by his mother.

He's a silly one!

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