May 20, 2008

Sarah and Noah's Wedding in Pasadena

We had a great time shooting Sarah and Noah's engagement session so we knew the wedding was going to be awesome. They had a couple of requests that I was thrilled about: The first was that they wanted mostly photojournalism style shots, which I always look forward to doing. The second was that, because Sarah's parents had been married at the same church, she wanted some shots that looked just like the ones that her parents had taken. She sent me some scans so I can try to match them. This took some preparation but I am so glad that I was able to pull it off because it was important to her. These are some of the shots...

Sarah had such an adorable expression here.

Noah's sisters were celebrating with Sarah the fact that they were soon going to be sisters.

This is one of the shots that Sarah wanted me to replicate. Look below to see my version.

I think it's pretty close.

They had one of the shortest ceremonies I've ever witnessed. This is because they just wanted so badly to be married so they could start enjoying their marriage. That is, after all, what it's all about.

I loved how they had their guests greet them as they came out of the church straight onto a red carpet and into a Rolls Royce. It's so old-fashioned it's beautiful.

Again, a shot of Sarah's parents.

And here's Sarah and Noah. This was such a cute idea!

Another cool thing about the wedding was that they had family and friends perform jazz music throughout the night. They are some talented people!

And finally, Noah sang a beautiful song to his wife, and you can just see how much she loved it.

Sarah and Noah, thank you so much for having us capture your unique and lovely wedding. You are surrounded by great family and friends and we are so glad to have been part of your joyous celebration. Have fun in Portland!

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Nov 27, 2007

Michelle and Hai at San Gabriel Hilton

We met Michelle and Hai through Michelle's twin sister, Marlene. It turned out that I knew Hai from high school, and a couple of his groomsmen are also my friends from Fountain Valley High. They also went to UCLA (as you'll see below) like I did. It's such a small world!

Michelle and Hai had their ceremony in Pasadena and then the reception at the San Gabriel Hilton. I liked the style and design of both the church and the hotel. The weather was perfect considering it was a November wedding here in Southern California.

The stained glass at the church was a beautiful backdrop for this ring shot.

The available natural light worked so well I had to get this shot from a few different angles.

Notice the UCLA Bruin colors on the bouquet.

The upstairs of the church was also a Sunday school for little children, so they had these cute little chairs sitting around. We grouped a few blue and yellow ones to get this UCLA-themed bouquet shot.

The father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle.

The bride and groom standing in this beautiful church.

This will take a while for Hai to live down, and I'm sure Michelle will always remember this. Hai dropped the ring as the pastor was handing it to him and drew a huge laugh from Michelle.

The girls in beautiful UCLA colors.

The guys had a great time throughout the whole thing. Between shots they were goofing around like old college buddies.

The Pasadena City Hall was empty so we got a chance to capture them sharing a little alone time.

It was getting late and there was just enough light to squeeze in a couple of shots that I love.

The building was tall and beautifully designed.

The groomsmen had a special treat for all the Bruins in attendance. They ran through the ballroom waving UCLA flags while the song "Sons of Westwood" played through the loudspeakers. They then dropped the flags and did the "eight-clap." To hear what this sounds like, click here.

There were a lot more great moments from the wedding but I can't fit it all in here, so I'll leave you with the bride and groom in their first dance.

Pure Elegance

Eliza Tsui of San Gabriel Hilton

Jan Clark of Pasadena Trinity Lutheran Church

Click here to view Michelle and Hai's engagement session

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Jun 25, 2007

Marlene and Solomon's Wedding

On Saturday I shot Marlene and Solomon's wedding that took us from a church to an arboretum to the Tournament House and then finally to the Universal Hilton. It was an ambitious itinerary that we managed to fulfill, and I have photos to prove it.

A gentle, soft look for the bride.

Marlene wore a beautifully detailed classic wedding dress.

The church provided some nice locations to shoot.

I like how the sun flares symmetrically across the photo.

When Solomon was standing behind me, he saw the angle that I had. He knew this shot would be a winner and he was yelling out to Marlene to let her know.

That's my focused look.

The younger boy will someday have a better chance at grabbing the garter.

Click here to view their engagement session

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