Jun 30, 2008

Adam Surprises Su at Huntington Botanical Gardens

San Marino, CA.

Let me start off by saying that Adam is one of the nicest guys I know. So it's not shocking that he went through all this trouble to set up a surprise proposal for Su. He had been planning this for a while and was still a nervous wreck up to the very moment he got on his knees.

The set-up: Since Su is pregnant, Adam told her that we were going to the Huntington Libary (The Botanical Gardens) to do a maternity session. He had me go there earlier to hide a bouquet of roses in the Rose Garden where he was planning to propose. There's a special meaning to the roses, so even though it was a pain to get it through security, I wanted to make sure I could sneak them in.

Fortunately, everything went without a hitch. They showed up with Su's sister because they were going to have afternoon tea at the Rose Garden Tea Room after the shoot. We did a few warm-up shots and then I suggested that Adam pose with his face next to Su's belly. So Adam got on his knees and based on the look on her face, utterly surprised Su as he pulled a ring box out of his pocket. She started crying immediately and as witnesses to this special moment, Su's sister and I got misty-eyed too. It was just one of those genuinely happy moments that a couple will remember for the rest of their lives, and it'll be easier to tell their kids about with these photos below:

I had a little time to kill before they arrived, so I shot this sweet looking flower.

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May 16, 2008

Maria's Maternity Portraits in Laguna Beach

Being the photographer's assistant, I usually just show up and help out wherever I can and get some shots of my own in. When Maria asked us to shoot her maternity photos, I asked Jimmy if I could do this one. See, I work with Maria and she's also a good friend. Her son, Joseph, is completely in love with me (sorry, Jimmy), so I really wanted to shoot this one for her. Of course, Jimmy couldn't just stand there and be my assistant for a day. The last couple of shots were taken by him.

Maria is the most gorgeous pregnant woman I've ever met and her son is just so flipping cute! We had told Joseph to talk to the baby, so that's what he was doing in the picture on the right.

For someone who's 8 months pregnant, that belly looks mighty small!

Like any little boy, Joseph couldn't resist playing in the water. This was his attempt in outrunning the water as it came up the shore. Mission failed.

Thanks, Maria and Joseph, for letting me take these shots. I had tons of fun and can't wait till baby Isabel comes.


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May 13, 2008

Kim's Maternity Portraits

Taking a one week hiatus from weddings, I was able to squeeze in two maternity shoots just in time for Mother's Day.

Kim is expecting any minute now so this was our last chance to get a shoot in before the baby comes. Schoolteacher and wife of my friend David, Kim comes off adorably in pictures. I can't wait to get the text with the good news!

No, the baby's name is not going to be Ted. She's actually going to be a girl, but since David starting calling the baby Ted for no reason, it just kind of stuck.

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Jan 16, 2008

Nicole's Maternity Portrait

I paid a visit to Nicole's place in Rancho Santa Margartia to get some indoor portraits. I usually shoot with natural lighting but in this case I was able to play with the flash to get some creative shots.

I have to go photograph baby Ethan soon!

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