Jun 24, 2008

Alison and Andy at Irvine Regional Park

I'm glad we were able to catch Alison and Andy for an engagement session since they were down here for only a couple of days. We'll be covering their wedding in Santa Barbara in August and it should be a fun one.

For this shoot, we traversed across Irvine Regional Park and found some cool spots. When I say cool, I mean it was like 100 degrees and I really wanted to find shade for them. Despite the weather, we still had fun and they even went out with a paddle boat to take in the scenery. I really enjoy getting to know the couples through the engagement shoots because when the big day comes, they are so comfortable in front of my camera.

Here's a sneak preview and see you guys in Santa Barbara!

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May 13, 2008

Kim's Maternity Portraits

Taking a one week hiatus from weddings, I was able to squeeze in two maternity shoots just in time for Mother's Day.

Kim is expecting any minute now so this was our last chance to get a shoot in before the baby comes. Schoolteacher and wife of my friend David, Kim comes off adorably in pictures. I can't wait to get the text with the good news!

No, the baby's name is not going to be Ted. She's actually going to be a girl, but since David starting calling the baby Ted for no reason, it just kind of stuck.

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Feb 13, 2008

Alicia's Headshots

Alicia is an aspiring actress and she wanted to get a few headshots done. I've never had a shoot where every shot was good. There were literally no outtakes. That's one way of telling whether a person is good in front of the camera.

Oh, did I mention that she is gorgeous?

These aren't part of her headshots, but I wanted to just get a few of her in a casual state.

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Dec 31, 2007

Jackie and Roy in Irvine

Jackie and Roy were only in town for these couple of weeks so we wanted to get the engagement shoot in, even if it meant braving a freezing-for-Socal day. Roy grew up in the East coast so the cold was nothing to him. One thing I like about cloudy days is that it creates a romantic mood for a shoot like this. It has a winter feeling without the snow. Here are the results of a fun shoot in Irvine.

I wanted to give them a nature-themed look for the engagement shoot because their wedding is going to be beach-themed, so this way they get a variety of photos.

Shot in this tunnel always turn out great.

Note the heart-shaped leaf right above Jackie. How completely random and awesome is that?

I love how the leaves create a frame around them.

A cute closeup.

Jackie has such a bubbly personality and Roy seems to feed off that energy.

This is one of my favorite shots... they are genuinely laughing and having a good time.

We squeezed these photos in with the last bit of light left for the day.

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Nov 12, 2007

Tina's Family in Irvine

With Tina and Steve's kids involved in many sports activities on the weekends, we really only had one date to try to do the shoot even though we scheduled it way in advance. As luck would have it, the weather in Irvine was perfect and their kids were great for this family portrait session.

Our goal was to capture everyone in a more natural fashion rather than just the traditional formal posed portraits. We tried to blend the two styles so we can be sure to capture their natural, individual expressions while also getting the group shots suitable for large prints and possible inclusion in Steve's professional website.

You can tell right from the start that Lily was a lively and energetic girl. The camera is definitely drawn to her smile.

We need to get some tips from Tina and Steve on how to raise kids, because the boys were all so polite and easy to work with.

Handsome kids.

A cute father and son moment.

Tina did such a great job with the wardrobe. She and Lily matched quite well.

Lily often wandered off and found her own activities.

I love these candid smiling moments.

Just the guys.

This is one of my favorites from the shoot. I told them all to get their faces close together and Lily comes over and plants a kiss on her brother's cheek. This is right afterwards when she looks up with her big adorable eyes.

Tina was looking for someone who would capture her family in a new way, in a more natural and relaxed outdoor atmosphere. I'm so glad she chose me to do the shoot because it was a lot of fun and I really love how the images turned out.

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Apr 7, 2007

Baby Andrew Portraits

Wendy invited me to over to photograph her adorable little baby Andrew. Seeing Andrew makes my wife and I really want to start our family soon!

They decorated his room with his name. Too cute.

Andrew's grandma could make him laugh at will.

He's probably bored of this photographer already.

Andrew isn't able to walk yet, so he's held gently by his mother.

He's a silly one!

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Jan 23, 2007

Irvine Hyatt Banquet

This was a really fun event to photograph because the guests came to party! They loved the props that were available, such as sombreros and fake guns. As much as I love photographing weddings, once in a while it's also fun doing events where everyone is all smiles and the drinks are flowing.

The girls couldn't help but giggle over the fun poses.

Everyone had a great time dancing.

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Oct 29, 2006

Office Halloween Party

What a fun night it was covering this office Halloween party! Most of the guests had awesome costumes, with my two favorites being a couple of Johnny Depp characters, Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands. They decorated a section of their office as a haunted house. It was scary even to the people who worked there.

The dolls were tied up and some were even "bleeding".

I realy like this decapitated figure.

It's the Burger King guy.

The most popular costume was Edwards Scissorhands.

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