Jan 22, 2008

Dusky and Bobby at Disneyland Hotel

Bobby is a friend of mine and doesn't like to have his photo taken. Unfortunately for him, Dusky loves my photos and wanted me to photograph their wedding. We had a great time shooting though, because they're truly a fun couple. Bobby has an uncanny ability to make people laugh and Dusky just has a way with the camera, so Disneyland Hotel was the perfect setting.

Click here for the gorgeous flash version, or continue reading below for the blog photos.

Dusky is a natural in front of the camera. She doesn't really take a bad shot.

Cute smiles in every shot.

A sweet, tender moment.

And the laughs begin again.

I waited for that moment when the sun fell on her hair to snap the shot. It's such a natural, beautiful glow.

In front of waterfalls.

I thought Dusky was joking when she said she could pick Robbie up, so imagine my surprise when she actually did!

A cute shot in the phone booth.

A snuggly moment.

By themselves, on a bench.

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