Dec 20, 2006

Jennifer and Vic's Engagement Session

When Jennifer told me that she picked me to be her wedding photographer because of the description of my photojournalism style on the website, I was thrilled. I didn't think anyone paid attention to it, even though I really put my heart into it. In case you're wondering what that style is, check on the top of this page under "my philosophy on wedding photography."

I photographed Jennifer and Vic in Laguna Beach on the coast of South Orange County. The first thing I noticed about them was how nice they were. Her smile stood out to me as bright and beautiful. I can't wait for the wedding day.

I like to use black and white on shots like this.

They brought their Mighty Ducks jersey because they met at a Ducks game. Yep, that's cute.

She has a beautiful smile that stands out in the sunset.

My favorite shot of the set is this silhouette with the sunset in the background. I accentuated the glow to exaggerate the dreamy sunset.

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